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H1b regulations

We will cover all those aspects and summary in this article. The previous H1B policy memo from had many requirements tied to contracts, agreements, other guidelines to prove the employer-employee relationship when someone was place at client site third party worksite.

This was one of the main policy memos that was used for many RFEs and Denials in the past for third party worksite or client placement related H1Bs.

USCIS also announced that they are formally cancelling the H1B Contracts, Itineraries Memo from and they will not apply the requirements in the memo for adjudication of the petition from now. This policy memo was one of the key ones that was announced by Trump Administration that had a huge impact on approvals at IT services companies with many denials. The requirements in this old memo asked for many details from client like day to day activities, detailed contracts for entire duration of work, work orders, etc.

This was previously interpreted wrongly and USCIS used to ask that they should have the right to control work at client site and denied H1B petitions on that basis. Employers were required to submit client letters, contract, work order documents in the past to prove the employer-employee relationship.

Now, with the new guidance, there is no need to submit detail client letters and documentation. You need to submit the below documents to prove the employer-employee relationship. As per the new memo, there should be a genuine job offer at the time of filing of H1B. The employer or H1B Sponsor need to sign under oath penalty of perjury indicating that there is genuine job offer for the employee and it is in specialty occupation.

It is up to the Employer to prove that the job exists in specialty occupation. Also, they would not judge the petition for the detailed day to day activities, which are the itinerary requirements, for the job in third party locations.

As per the new guidelines in the updated memo, there is no need for the H1B employer to submit any contracts, legal agreements like MSA, SOWsor client letters with details on the exact work, details on duties for entire duration of work, etc. USCIS will not ask for such contracts. Also, it is up to employer to demonstrate all the basic requirements to apply H1B petition and for employee to qualify for the same.

In the past many day to day activities assignments related documents like client letters, SOW, contracts, project plans, etc. Now, as per new policy, there is no need to submit any of these. USCIS will use the H1B position related info like job description as submitted by H1B sponsor to determine, if it fits the specialty occupation or not.

The employer may submit all other additional documents and supporting activities, if they choose to do it. But, not mandatory. The H1B petition that is filed by employer for a position must meet all the standard H1B regulatory requirements for specialty occupation. USCIS will deny a petition, if the H1B sponsor has not provided enough evidence that indicates that the employee will work in a specialty occupation. Except the day to day activities requirement, they need to submit other documentation that proves that the position is a specialty occupation position.

This is for US worker protections related reasons. If USCIS finds that you are not following the terms and conditions, they can revoke petition for not maintaining status. If H1B employee goes on bench not working, loses project with client then it is considered a material change and employer has to file an H1B Amendment for the same. Also, if the employee is in bench for a long period of time or in training, then it may not qualify for specialty occupation and it will be violation of the terms for H1B position.

The only exceptions are Family or Medical leave, including leave as per disabilities act. There is no official rule or regulation that defines the maxim period for bench non-working time.

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It is up to USCIS discretion to see how the employee is using the amount of bench period for giving approval. USCIS has discretion to revoke the original petition, if there is abuse by employers and not filing amendments or new petitions, when they are supposed to file for example benching or change in location, etc. USCIS will not use the itinerary requirement and ask to submit day to day activities for judging the petition.

They plan to issue guidance in future or go through regulatory process to give more details on this requirement. Until then, this will not be used for adjudication.There is a special visa for the non-immigrants of United States who want to work in the companies situated in USA. The H1B Visa allows the companies to temporary employ the foreign employees for the specialized job designation. They can hire the non-residential worker in the specialized occupations like architecture, engineering, mathematics, science, and medicine which requires a technical and theoretical expertise.

Under the H1B visa, the US company can employ a foreign worker for up to six years. Later in this article we will discuss H1B visa requirements including documents and fee structure. Applying for a non-immigrant visa is generally quicker than applying for a US Green Card, therefore the H-1B visa is popular for companies wishing to bring in staff for long-term assignment in the US.

It is not in hands of the individuals to apply for the H1B visa, only the employer can file the petition for the respective employee to choose to hire for the required position. The worker has to find such H1B sponsoring companies for the work. The daunting process of filing the visa application six months prior to the starting date of visa makes things tough for the employer and employee both. For every fiscal year there is a limit to the amount of H1B visa being granted by the US embassy.

The current scenario gives 85, H1B visas. The number is divided into two parts which permits new H1B visa to the oversea workers and the rest 20, are for the specialized masters degree holders from the US institutes through the OPT and CPT programs.

Allowed maximum limit on H1 Visa Initial approval is for 3 years, which can be extended for increment of up to 3 years. Total stay cannot exceed total 6 years. Most of the big companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and hundreds of other companies will sponsor work visas.

Not everyone is eligible to have the H1B visa and enter the premises of Unites States of America gaining the work authority. There are certain eligibility criteria which need to be fulfilled in order to qualify for the H1B visa. Should possess Bachelors or higher degree, it is because the jobs which offer H1B service can only be filled by the qualified person.

The requirement of degree is common among the top notch companies. The person should hold an unrestricted state license, certification or registration which provides the authorization to fully work. The H1B visa duration can be from three to maximum six years. The reason is H1B visa category is has the dual intent. The H1B visa can be renew by sending the I form. The process is not so easy and can lead to several repetitions if the employer decides to drop the employee while his application is in process.

During such calamity, the suffered person has to either leave the country or contact another employer. Employer may require certain document from the foreign worker for the purpose of petition. Following are typically required document for H1b petition purpose. Once your documents are completed read all the important tips to get successfully approved you visa application such as:. H1B holders who want to continue to work in the U.Skip to main content. On Dec. The electronic registration process will dramatically streamline processing by reducing paperwork and data exchange, and will provide overall cost savings to employers seeking to file H-1B cap-subject petitions.

Under this new process, prospective petitioners also known as registrantsand their authorized representatives, who are seeking authorization to employ H-1B workers subject to the cap, will complete a registration process that requires only basic information about the prospective petitioner and each requested worker. The initial registration period will remain open through noon ET on March 20, The H-1B random selection process, if needed, will then be run on properly submitted electronic registrations.

Only those with selected registrations will be eligible to file H-1B cap-subject petitions.

Trump's suspension/ travel ban on H1b \u0026 other visas - Who is impacted? Who is not? Next steps

Prospective petitioners may create accounts beginning Feb. You will not be able to provide registrant information until you create an H-1B registration during the initial registration period. Selections will take place after the initial registration period closes, so there is no requirement to register on March 1. Creating an online account is easy; please see the videos below. Registrants submitting their own registrations will enter their company information as part of their first H-1B registration.

Registrants working with a representative will review company information that the representative enters. Please see the video below for instructions about setting up registrant accounts.

Representatives can create an account at any time before the end of the registration period, because they will use the same kind of account already available to representatives. Representatives who already have a representative account may use that account; they do not need to create a new account. Unlike registrants, representatives enter information about their law firm or organization as part of setting up an account.

Please see the video below for instructions about setting up an attorney or representative account.

Eligibility Criteria

The initial registration period for H-1B registrations will open at noon on March 1 and run through noon on March Both representatives and registrants must wait until March 1 to create and complete H-1B registrations. Registering online is quick and easy! Representatives may create an account at any time. Registrants and representatives will not be notified until the end of the fiscal year if they are not selected.

What happens if the prospective beneficiary does not have a last name? What do you enter into the system? Where should a petitioner with a selected registration file their Form I and supporting documentation? What happens if a legal representative submits a registration but subsequently ceases to represent the registrant? If a prospective petitioner submits registrations on behalf of unrelated beneficiaries who happen to have the same name, date of birth and no passport numbers, would those registrations be considered duplicates?

Will the system prevent the representative and the registrant from both entering the same beneficiary? I am a legal representative submitting the H-1B registration online and the G asks if I have an online account and what my account number is. How do I find it? What happens to my old account? Do I need to use a new email address to set up the H-1B registrant account? Will I be able to change it to the correct account type later?

If there is a duplicate registration in a submission batch, does it affect all registrations in the batch or only the duplicate registration? As a legal representative, will there be a different one time code generated that we send to the client each time we go in to view or edit the G? Or will the client use the same code that was generated at the initial creation of the G, each time they log in to review or edit it?

As a legal representative, how will I know that my client has gone in and approved my G and the H-1B registrations?January 26, by Beeraj Patel, Esq. The highly sought after H1B visa permits foreign skilled workers to work and reside in the U.

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This article will outline and elaborate upon the various requirements that H1B sponsoring employers must adhere to when sponsoring an H1B applicant. Because of this, it is highly recommended for employers who are interested in sponsoring a foreign worker for an H1B to work with experienced legal counsel when submitting the petition.

A licensed and qualified immigration attorney will help employers to understand their requirements and to avoid and potential noncompliance issues including inadvertent actions which have the potential to be met with penalties from USCIS. The LCA contains several items that the sponsoring employer must attest to. These are summarized in the following sections.

h1b regulations

If the hiring of the foreign worker does indeed negatively impact other, similar workers, then the employer would not be in compliance. If a strike, lockout, or other work stoppage develops after the initial filing of the LCA with DOL, then the petitioning employer is required to notify the Department of Labor.

The duration of the posting is ten business days at a minimum. Additionally, the posting of the LCA must be done in two separate, clearly visible locations.

Federal H1B guidelines state that the petitioning employer must keep a public access file which is available for public inspection. This public access file must demonstrate that the petitioning employer is in compliance with the previously mentioned requirements. Please see below how employers are classified as being H1B dependent based upon size of workforce:.

H-1B Program

Employers are required to attest that the hiring of an H1B worker will not in fact displace any U. An employer who is interested in sponsoring an H1B worker must also demonstrate an attempt to also recruit US workers while offering the prevailing wage for the position in question. Employers should remember that this component of the application process does require them to maintain some form of record in order to demonstrate compliance.

Employers are encouraged to work with a legal professional to ensure that the records being kept will indeed hold up under scrutiny. Companies that sub-contract H1B workers must keep certain guidelines in mind:.

Employers interested in utilizing the efforts of a foreign worker should be aware of certain federal laws that could impact hiring decisions.

A brief summation of these is provided below:. The H1B cap refers to the finite number of H1B visas that are awarded annually. A legal immigration professional can help employers to determine if a candidate qualifies as being cap exempt.

Due to H1B regulations, H1B workers who wish to work for another employer may only do so once certain criteria have been satisfied. A worker may not begin working for a different employer until the H1B transfer petition has officially been filed.Each year, thousands of foreign workers become employed by American companies that are trying to fill positions that require special knowledge or education. Therefore, the company turns to an architectural school in another country for their job search and ends up employing someone from Germany, to include students moving from their F-1 student visas to H1B visas.

This new hire must first receive a visa to enter the US and start his work for the architecture company. However, he may soon find that like many other foreign hires, obtaining a visa can be a very confusing and complicated process. Specifically, the foreign worker must work in a field requiring specialized knowledge and therefore is someone who meets the job requirements that the employer was not able to find from a US-based worker.

Along with specialized workers, the H1B visa also applies to fashion models and Department of Defense cooperative research and development project workers.

When applying for an H1B visa, the applicant is sponsored by their US employer that has hired them. An H1B visa is valid for three years and can be extended to up to six years. There are also exceptions to extend the visa for even more years depending on the type of work being performed.

h1b regulations

For example, a foreign US Department of Defense worker can extend their visa for up to 10 total years. If you ever quit or are dismissed by the employer that sponsored your visa, you will either have to find a new employer and complete new paperwork, apply for a change of status, or be deported and have to return to your home country. There is a grace period of 60 days to find a new employer or submit your green card application for permanent residency.

If you are deported, your employer will be responsible for the costs of your return transportation unless you voluntarily left the company. In addition, if after your deportation, you become hired by a US company again, you can apply for an H1B visa again but will face the same application process as a new applicant.

What happens to the family members of an H1B visa holder who moves to the US? Will they have to live away from that family member? Fortunately, the answer is no! The H1B visa is one of the few visas that do allow family members to join the H1B visa worker during their length of stay in the US.

To do so, the dependent family members spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age must complete an H4 visa application which can be done at the same time as the H1B visa application, or after the H1B visa has already left to the US. H4 visa holders can also legally work while in the US after applying for an Employment Authorization Document while on the H4 visa.

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For more information on the H4 visa, check out our H4 Visa Guide! Below we take a look at the H-1B visa latest news of These include items on the Spring Regulatory agenda, a decline in H-1B visa approvals as well as an announcement on the suspension of premium processing.

The US Federal Government Regulatory agendas are documents outlining the priorities of the current government on different regulations. When it comes to the H-1B Visa latest news ofthe following items relating to H1B visas are on the Spring Regulatory agenda which H1B visa holders should take note of:.

There have been two major changes in the H-1B visa process reported in the H-1B Visa latest news during July which H-1B visa holders should be aware of.

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The first is possible deportation and the second is a sharp decline in H-1B visa approvals. On 28 Junea policy memorandum came into the public domain which changed the landscape of the H-1B visa extension process completely. Before this policy memorandum, you could easily return to your home country if your H1B visa extension was denied and your tenure of original H-1B had expired.

Your employer would then just reapply in the next H-1B season. If you are issued with an NTA which is the start of deportation proceedingsyou have to wait in the U. If you have been issued with an NTA, you are only allowed to leave the U. It has been reported in H-1B news that there has been a large increase in the H-1B visa petitions being denied for Indians. Especially when compared to other nationalities. The largest number of Request for Evidence inquiries has also been received by Indian applicants.

This suspension is suspected to last until February The H1B visa gives U. The H1B visa has been a great tool for allowing U.

In order for a non-U. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The approved petition becomes a work permit that allows the worker to get a visa stamp and work in the U. One of the basic requirements for the H1B visa is education. In addition to academic qualifications, the employee must be fully qualified, certified, or accredited to lawfully perform the duties associated with the job position being offered. For example, there are many occupations that require professional credentials or a license.

Occupations such as a medical doctor, dentist, attorney, CPA, and RN all require professional credentials to perform their duties in the United States. The employee must obtain any of these credentials, if any of these job roles will be their occupation, before beginning to petition for the H1B visa. The employee cannot petition for the H1B visa on their own. The employer must file for an H1B petition with the U.

Filing H1B Visas is time-sensitive. The H1B petition itself is a two-step process. The first step is to get labor clearance or certification. The first step requires the U.

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The second step is to file the H1B visa petition with the U. There can also be fees associated with the Labor Clearance and the H1B petition.


Fees change from time to time. The U. These are the documents the worker will need for the H1B Visa petition.

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These supporting documents will help the worker during their H1B petition review and the more supporting documentation that can be supplied the greater the chance of the H1B petition being approved. The employee documents required for the H1B petition application are:. H1B Visa rules and requirements change over. Below you will find an illustration of the current H1B Visa process:.H-1B is an employment based, non-immigrant visa for temporary workers in America. H-1B is an employer sponsored visa i.

This approved petition is a work permit allows you to get visa stamp and work in US for that employer.

h1b regulations

H-1B is issued to a specialty occupationrequires theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge along with a bachelors degree or its equivalent. Is there any Quota for H1B visa? The H-1B visa has an annual numerical limit or "cap" of 65, visas each fiscal year. There are an additional 20, visas for applicants who completed their master's degree from a US university. See how the lottery process for H1B visa process has changed in Fy What is the maximum time period allowed on a limit on H-1B Visa?

Initial approval is for 3 years, which can be extended in increments of up to 3 years. Total stay cannot exceed total 6 years. Each applicant must have valid passport and need to complete a Visa application form, pay the fee, and appear for the visa interview at the nearest applicable US consulate in the home country.

One of the basic requirement for H1B is education. The person must hold a U. In addition to the academic qualifications, the individual must be fully qualified to lawfully perform the duties of the position offered. In occupations that require licensure or professional credentials e.

What type of jobs comes under Specialty Occupation? Firstly, an US employer who chooses and agrees to employ you and file for your H-1B visa. The petition itself is a 2-step process. Getting the Labor clearance.

Fee is subject to change from time to time. What documents are required for H1B visa petition? Employer may require certain document from the foreign worker for the purpose of petition. Following is a typical sample of the required document for H-1B petition:.


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